Riad Dades

Riad Dades is an ancient fortress built at 18 centuries as a major tower to control the access to the Berber village Ait Ibrirne. The Kasbah restoration had started from 2011 till the end of the year 2015. Our utmost aim is to create an ideal place for the travelers, who seek for exploring Berbers traditions, the Berbers real life and discovering their rich and unique architecture. At Riad surrounding, you can walk in the verdant landscaping, or relax in your chaise enjoying the nap under the sun, or look for a shelter in the trees shade. You will breathe easily in the pure, fresh sweet country air. Riad Dades is located at Dades valley, which lies between the high atlas mountain and Jebal Saghro — the beginning of the Anti-Atlas range. Moreover, Riad Dades is only 4 hours away from Sahara desert. The inhabitants of the region are the nomadic Berber tribes: ait sedrate, ait hdidou, ait mrghad, ait atta and imgoune tribe. Some families are still living in Kasbahs, built in the vicinity of the gorges. Kasbah had been the local leader house and a fortress to defense any attack against the village. Nowadays, Kasbahs are used to look after the agriculture terraces. They are also modernized but keeping the style of the Berber architecture. Be sure of a warm welcome and a peaceful stay in this idyllic setting at the Dades valley.


The Berber methods used by the restoration

The Pise

The usual construction system is the pisé or rammed soil, which consists in piling the damp earth without straw in a wooden form work and to ram it down to give it consistency. Once completed a bit of wall, form work is removed immediately and sticks that supported it leaves the pisé buildings characteristic holes, but they can also be clogged with soil.

The adobes

building material made from earth and other organic materials. Adobe is a mud brick, which had been used by the Berbers through centuries. In regards to the exterior walls, the adobe is generally used for upper floors, which are subject to minor loads, and where it is best suited for finishing and décor. In rammed earth, there are portions that need to be made with adobe, due to the difficulty or even the impossibility of ramming the earth inside the form work. The adobe is then used to complete the masonry above or to support the wood lintel or between floor beams, becoming here a string-course in the rammed earth masonry.



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